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Keep your vehicle's paint safe from damaging UV rays and shield it from dirt, rain, and mud with a protective barrier.

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating
What is it?

Protect and enhance your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary paint coating that utilizes a three-dimensional molecular structure to form a highly durable, transparent, and hard glass layer on automotive paint, wheels, and metal surfaces. This results in a stunning "candy-like" gloss appearance. The hard glass layer protects against wash-induced marring, etchings, and watermarks. Additionally, the hydrophobic surface makes the vehicle much easier to clean and maintain. Choose Ceramic Coating from All Star Detail and experience long-lasting protection and a beautiful finish.

Incredible gloss

Benefits of getting ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings provide exceptional protection for your vehicle's paint, offering durability in extreme temperatures and safeguarding against UV rays. With an incredibly high gloss finish, ceramic coatings protect against a range of damage, including wash-induced scratches, oxidation, tree sap, watermarks, salts, acids, and even permanent ink. Furthermore, their strong, water-repellent properties promote self-cleaning effects, making maintenance a breeze. Protect your vehicle with ceramic coatings from All Star Detail and enjoy long-lasting shine and protection.

Protected from sun damage
Deep glossy appearance
Ease of maintenance

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