1yr Coating (Car or small suv $649) (Midsize $699) (Large Suv/ Truck $749)

  3yr Coating (Car or small suv $1249) (Midsize$1,399) (Large Suv/Truck $1,449)

  5yr Coating (Car or small suv $1,749) (Midsize $1,949) (Large Suv/Truck $2,149)

All coating applications to be done At the All Star shop. Vehicle will be needed for 24 hours minimum. 

Let us introduce you to ceramic coating, the magical potion for cars.

  • Protection from Harmful UV Rays

  • Helps to Repel Mud, Rain, and Dirt

  • Protection Against Oxidation, Corrosion, and Rust

  • Enhanced Shine and Paint Depth

Our Process:

Once your vehicle has arrived at our shop we will start with the following:

  • Exterior detail

  • Hand Wash

  • Iron Decontamination

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • IPA Wipedown

  • Rinse and a touchless dry

We will apply a 1 step paint correction process depending on the

condition of the vehicle.

Once prepped a 1 coat ceramic coating will be applied.

For a 3 year - 3 coats

for a 5 year - 5 coats

Vehicle will be monitored and kept away from dust or debris while curing.

Please note - price to prep and install may increase depending on current

vehicle paint. Newer vehicles tend to require less paint correction than

older vehicles. All star reserves the right to adjust pricing as needed and

acquire customer approval before commencing.